Here begins a series of 'conjectures', a serial-blog-book. A continued story, because it will appear regularly, with you as a reader. A blog because it looks like this familiar format. A book, because the work will turn out to be a real book, full of Ideas and Conjectures, conjectures that will hopefully bring you to reflection on your work, or to dwell on the impact of your company on society.

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Code Red

The Issues Management Institute signals a Code Red to indicate an emergency situation or threat of a dangerous situation that might possibly deteriorate the political, legal or social license in society for the company in question.

Now in Code Red: Hospitals in decline

The World Today

Sexual assaults like those that took place in Cologne also appear to have happened in neighboring countries. When this means some spiral of silence is broken, could we then predict hundreds of further complaints in many other European countries?

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