Educational Institutes

Education, a tormented field

Millions of people have (daily) relations with the field of education. Either one works there, or ones children or grandchildren attend school. A very important field and yet it is tormented. Quality, expenses, drugs, weapons, language and diversity problems. Many schools are confronted with all problems of society and are held accountable. Quality of education, democratic level, amount of children in the classroom, language problems, juge debts in school buildings, drugs and possession of weapons by the kids, the list is almost endless. Almost every school is sooner or later confronted with a ‘crisis’. Fraud with exams and diplomas, theses for sale, plagiarism, all sooner or later become attached to names of schools. A lot needs to be done, not all is communication, but good communication surely helps.

Our service: apart from strategic communication advice, we also give lectures and key notes, as well as being the mentor of managers and communication professionals.


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