Without transportation everything comes to a standstill, without ICT as well

Chipping devices, electronic patient files, digital voting machines, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Sometimes it seems but one big nightmare in ICT. People tend not to see everything that goes extremely well and even for long periods of time. One (little) incident and negative opinions shatter all over the (social) media.

The development of public opinion, or at least so is thought by many people, gets more hype every year. That is to say develops faster and faster. This might be so for incidents and reputation damage to persons. This is rather less the case when it comes to issues and frames, that still have their own pace of growing. Because of this, frames and the development of images and opinions are very well traceable. Transportation and ICT-frames and crises are manyfold. Basic frames are broadly shared in society. Expectations are high, the risk of damage (on reputation) as well. From big problems such as assaults on planes, and the small nuisances as delayed trains, transportation has many issues, among which safety and security. Cyber crime, systems hacked and put down, hate mails, every issue and incident is on the loose and protection is difficult. To prevent the buck from being passed your way as well. The digital mail box of the government and the tax office makes us even more digital, but also touches on the frames on safety, privacy and the (non) possibility for individual citizens to take responsibility over such systems and their use.

Our service: an issue matrix with priorities, research on stakeholders, description of the frames and the wording that comes with it, a proposal for participation in communities or platforms in order to be involved in the development of opinions, issue monitoring on social media, putting together a web care team oriented on picking up words that are used in connection to certain issues and frames on social media.

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Quantitative media research of over N=2500 respondents, we usually ask external colleagues to carry out for us. We produce case descriptions, do the research as regards the stakeholders involved, we map the frame(s) and list the wordings used, and make a program of anticipation or participation in different media and platforms.


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