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Legality and conflicting roles

The government, its officials and civil servants, is more than just a factory that produces policy. More often than not the government is also executing the policies. Usually this policy factory communicates with the citizens through the press office and the media, in some countries also through campaigns and bill boards. And of course on a bilateral level when the message concerns something between the authorities and the individual.

Government used to inform and explain, while at the meantime had to keep track of what was in the hearts and minds of the people. Nowadays there is an extension to the communication of (local) governments. They have to take care of their own reputation. With internet, social media and all the current transparency, the integrity of the public authorities is not a given, but something one needs to put a lot of attention to, since foremost, the citizens have to trust the administration and their officials.

Our service: Issues management for administration, public authorities and not for profit organizations, framing and linguistic programs, lectures, inspiration sessions and workshops, sparring between colleagues, testing of policy, public opinion surveys and interim management.

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The administration is a multifaceted organization. Municipalities, (local) government, associations of social housing, institutes of social welfare, even politicians form part of this domain. Within this domain, institutions change name en key functions, and they all communicate, mostly top down from a sending position. Most citizens receive at least one letter a day of any part of the administration. In our era of the media explosion, the almost inexhaustible possibilities of communication, the government is still struggling with its identity and behavior on Facebook and Twitter. The administration and its civil servants have to take care of their reputation, something it was never used to, given its non competitive position and monopoly on policy and law enforcement. Nowadays they have to be trustworthy, they have to make sure everyone knows its key functions, accepts and appreciates these and above all, all the institutions have to be recognizable. Why would the brand awareness of Coca Cola be as big as it is, if not for the fact that ever since 1866 the company never changed its name, nor its logo, nor its key product?


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