Political Communication

Service: track and trace the cycle of law-making, communication with politicians. (In order to track and trace the development of issues once they have entered the political arena, it is of the utmost importance to follow the specific cycle of the concepts of law. At certain points in that time-line we advise on when, how and on what issues one has to get in touch with the politicians working on that particular subject).

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We can offer you that service. An organization however, that  need permanent monitoring of the law-making cycle and the developments on the local, domestic and European level, should rather hire a specialized lobby agency. We do have a large network in Public Affairs agencies in The Hague and Brussels, that we are more than willing to introduce to help you make an excellent choice. Our institute has written its own State Opening of Parliament at the beginning of the political year 2015 and posted this through social media in order to contribute to current important issues.

Case: Our ‘Mirror speech’ State Opening of Parliament

My Lords and Members of the House of Commons,

Ours is a country based on an economy of expert knowledge. In order to keep up with the world, we need to invest in education, on all levels, from elementary school to the academia. In the current debate on climate change, we need ecologists and watermanagers. To feed the world population and fight famine, we need innovations in agriculture. Culturally we have to keep up high standards in music, ballet and the arts. Command of other languages but our own are needed in a globalized world of exchange of knowledge, trade and investment.

Fundamentally we need excellent education. Education that is of a high standard and inspires the young, doesn’t allow for drop-outs. Some studies have high figures in students that are not able to accomplish the full study. This comes as a high cost for students and parents and society as a whole. Many countries in Europe are just recovering from the crisis that started in 2008 and ask for less dependency on social services, where possible more participation of everyone. The growth of elderly becoming of age in a healthy state is unique. This comes with a growing need for support, not only in health care, but also as regards growing loneliness. There is also a growth in children having trouble coping with modern society, or children having to deal with a variety of behavioral aspects such as autism or ADHD. Europe knows an unprecedented influx of refugees. Traffic has become busier and more dangerous and traffic regulators are needed. The same can be said about safety and security where public transport is concerned, buildings and schools. Littering is a serious bad habit of many. The streets, shores and seas need to be cleaned.

The government has noticed that many youngsters take a ‘gap-year’ between schools, mainly, it appears, because they are not ready to decide where and how to continue studies or start to work. It might me wise then to spend the gap-year at home, taking care of the elderly, of traffic control, litter cleaning and so on. The youth can contribute immensely to all these very important tasks that need to be done to keep our society healthy and clean. They can contribute to the well being of all and support those in need. In the meantime they have the opportunity to decide on their future, having experienced what useful work means. Probably even the kind of work they later apply for. In turn this is a contribution to their lives. Their energy is needed in all these import fields of society that are in desperate need of hands-on. This will lead to less dropping out, and society will benefit tremendously as well as our youth itself. When they chose for a study they will do so with better and wiser motivation. They will become professionals that can carry our economy and help solve problems on a domestic as well as a global level.

We would like to contribute to: a new frame for Europe and the European Union.

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