Conjecture 14: Facts are not indisputable

Principle 1: Meaning doesn’t have to consist of facts

Apples as vitamin bombs, apples as ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ (see Conjecture 13). It remains to be seen if all facts on apples are all that indisputable. None of us ever saw a vitamin alive or calories from our own empirical observation after all. Snack wisely, snack an apple. That the consumption of apples should be wise is nowhere sustained, nor the statement that snacking candy is unwise. It is the word combination with its inner contradiction that, without interference of facts, appeals to our imagination.

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Snacking (for many people) is nice, albeit it a rather useless nutrition, a combination that is mostly considered unwise. This brings us all of a sudden in the heart of the sales promotion and advertisement business, where they embrace this figure of speech. Fashion retailer H&M for example, successfully combines ‘design’ with ‘cheap’. But then, theirs is a discipline of seduction, not per se the discipline of facts and attribution of factual meaning.


Next time: facts are accepted without a shred of evidence

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